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ergdj5 wrote (edited )

My ethnocentric call was pre-emptive, my bad. You have no idea how often I debate with people who think all Kurds are one, and that the KRG is the same as the KCK. I shouldn't have gotten there so fast.

I'm sure they are not completely delusional and know very well what to expect from them,

YPG officials have been shittalking the US a lot recently. I think it's gonna break off soon.


supernice wrote

I appreciate that. Kurds are most certainly not of one mind on things, like any other group in the world. It's naive to think that way.

I want the mess to end in Syria as badly as anyone else here does, I just don't want it to end the way things ended in Egypt. Just replacing one shit situation for another. People deserve better, no matter who they are.