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autonomous_hippopotamus wrote

there's alot of facts in this article but the overwhelming bias, if not towards Assad, then against the syrian opposition makes it very suspect

calling all rebel groups jihadis, is just inaccurate, amongst islamists there's actually pretty big split between salafists and jihadists, most rebel groups make up the former category.

those notorious “moderate rebels,” the overwhelming majority of which are nothing but takfiri jihadis. takfiri hordes.

hordes, as in barbarian hordes

As it stands, the main narrative in Western media is that “regime forces” have unleashed air strikes and barrel bombs over “rebel-held” sections of southern Syria.

that is basically a factual description despite the obvious bias.

This just pissed me off

Mohammad Hawari, the UNHCR spokesman in Amman, may be correct when he says: “We’re facing a real humanitarian crisis in southern Syria.” What he does not say is that quite a few “opposition bodies” – code for takfiri jihadis – have rejected Damascus-proposed deals to be back under government control, thus inflating the humanitarian crisis.

So because Syrian Rebel groups refuse to surrender, they are therefore responsible for Assad's indiscriminate bombing of civilians? "Syrian Rebels" with "Palestinians" and Replace Damascas with Tel-aviv and you'll see what a monstrous narrative that is.


supernice wrote (edited )

Pepe Escobar's writing style is very much like that, he doesn't even try to hide who's side he's on. I always read his stories though because he presents the flips side of 90% of all other journalists, who are so biased in the other direction. There is no unbiased journalism these days it seems, so I try to read as much as I can to find whatever grains of truth are there.

For what it's worth, I have some friends living in Syria (Homs, Damascus, and Ghouta area), none of whom have much love for Assad, but not for the "rebels" either. All the factions are variants of Wahhabism to some degree it seems, some more brutal than others. They are all just proxy forces for Assad's enemies and none of them are fighting for the love of the Syrian people. I am getting this secondhand of course, so people's personal experiences are going to color their views.

The way I see it, Assad or his enemies both don't really give a damn about these peoples lives or their well being.