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libre_dev wrote

While the YPG rule was considered heavy-handed by many Kurds living in Afrin

This I'd like to know more about. I've heard about some questionable stuff that the YPG have done, but not very much of it


____deleted____ OP wrote

I'll be honest? Even checking Turkish sources I'm finding 'they use IEDs which killed several civilians', 'they planted mines around villages on the border', and that they had civilians dig trenches for them. Mind these sources also state the YPG took 3900 casualties to 600 on the TFSA + Turkey's side. Other than that, I'm having a lot of difficulties finding anything.


libre_dev wrote (edited )

There was something about forced relocation of civilians in some places, let's see... Yes, Wikipedia has the story on that. But so far it seems I can still put the YPG in the "least worse of all belligerents" box