[2018/02/19] Syrian Civil War 'day in summary' (test)

Submitted by buzz moderator in SyrianCivilWar (edited )

hi everyone !

this is a test of a planned series of posts, where i collate events that happened in conflicts within syria every week (from twitter posts), to be posted every friday. due to the increased tension within afrin that has happened these past two days, I felt it nesseracy to post this. You can help me gauge how to improve what i am doing / to see if this is worth pursuing.

I am unsure whether it is best to catagorise by region and seperate by days(like i have right now), or by day and seperate by regions.

  • afrin region [SAA-TAF-SDF]
  • deZ [SDF-SAA]
  • euphrates [SDF-IS]
  • other intrests

afrin region [SAA-TAF-SDF]


SAA agreement with SDF against turkish army

turkish airstrikes on civilians (jinderes, atmana, rajo, shara, tal rifat)

gains and losses



euphrates [SDF-IS]


gains and losses

other intrests


car bomb in qamishly killing 4

un reporting

  • these sources may not be accuracate, and should not be interpreted as trustworthy as they have not been verified
  • each headline is taken from the twitter source, and hence displays their respective biases in reporting
  • there are conflicts in damascaus and idlib and other regions, i am just not reporting as of now because they hold less intrest or i have missed them (comment if you want reporting on other regions)
  • My time zone is advanced, and hence the date i am reporting may be different to you


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Tequila_Wolf wrote (edited )

I think by day and then by region is good.

I think this is cool. If you liked, you could store all of it as a wiki also.


If you did a wiki, you could do each region's wiki in separate wikis, e.g. /w/SyrianCivilWar/Afrin and /w/SyrianCivilWar/regionname

Also I'll suggest that you are a bit clearer about what you are doing in your post titles, I almost skipped over this because it wasn't clear what was happening.

You could also potentially look at Dialectical Delinquents News of Opposition stuff for inspo, they do something similar.


buzz wrote

once again, suggestions on the format are appreciated. i think i should also come up with disscussion points to faciliate dialouge or something maybe