The war against our comrades in Afrin is predictably and indescribably terrible. (Content Warning) image.stirileprotv.ro

Submitted by Tequila_Wolf in SyrianCivilWar (edited )

from Dilar Dirik:

"BARÎN KOBANE is our dignity! Death to fascism!
This revolutionary Kurdish woman was fighting against the fascist thugs of the Turkish state and pro-Erdogan rapist jihadists under the guise of FSA. She was captured alive, tortured to death, her breasts were cut off and her body was mutilated by psychopaths sponsored by the NATO. I will not share the video or photo because we will remember our comrades as the beautiful courageous revolutionaries that they are.
This is the kind of mentality we are up against. A crowd of rapist pieces of waste, each of them a plague to the planet, torturing the dead body of free womanhood. This is what is happening in Afrin. This is what the revolution of Kurdistan is struggling against. These rapists kill and mutilate our heroes and have German tanks and American F16s on their side. They are EU candidates and NATO members. They are destroying our lives and planet while the world watches.
It was the Women's Defence Units YPJ which announced the victory against ISIS in Raqqa and dedicated the liberation to the women of the world. The Kurdish women’s movement is a pioneer in history and it is the duty of all women in the world to wake up and see that resistance is happening and it must be defended.
As Kurdish women we are ready to raise all of our efforts to make sure the fight of women like Barîn Kobane ends with the historic victory of the free woman over the rapist patriarchal fascists. Jin - jiyan - azadî!"


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