Car hopping finds

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So, me and the boys went out late last night and I was showing them all the ins and outs of how to car hop, because they’re complete noobs, but everyone’s gotta start somewhere. We were out for probably a couple hours, and we managed to find some decent shit.

  • $90 in cash.
  • $35 in coins.
  • 2 lighters.
  • A pair of nike trainers.
  • A case of beer (we were hoping for some fucking vodka or something actually decent, but ah well).
  • Few packets of gum and mints and shit.
  • About 4 grams of weed.
  • 2 torches.

Some honourable mentions of some shit we encountered: I. Walking up to a car that was in complete darkness, and then when we shined our lights at it to check for dashcams, two people havin’ sex poked their heads out and we fucked outta there, lmao.

II. A driveway, which dead-ass had fucking 3 cars in it which were all open and had their keys in it. I didn’t fuck with the keys though, because I don’t know enough about stealing and selling cars.

III. The baitiest fucking car that I ever saw. It had its boot door just wide open, and we didn’t wanna fuck with it just ‘cause we stole a bike from there a while back.

IV. A nice little drug deal happening at the bottom of this one road.

My favourite thing about all this shit, is that I can make more money, even when I’m splitting it with my mates (which to be honest, fucking sucks), than I can spending the same amount of time at my job.

Anyone got any good stories about times they went car hopping? What’s been your best finds?


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nighttimeartwork wrote

Great that you are teaching your friends how to steal, how old are they? Keep up the good work and stay safe!


TeaLeaf wrote

Nice haul man! What's the best haul/item you've ever found?