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Anyone have any experience scamming? Not just credit card scamming but any types of scamming, can be online scams or IRL scams. I’m starting a forum on a different site for people to share info such as methods and techniques. The forum will be private so not just anybody can read and use the info shared. Looking for people with some experience who can contribute and help get get the word out and recruit new members. If you’re interested message me.


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terrificbuilder wrote

easiest scamming for me was online ticket scams. Post on craiglist or reply to posts on craigslist looking for sport/concert tickets. say they're online e-tickets, transfer funds either via dummy paypal or bank e-transfer or other method. Basically it was like fishing. Most people won't go for it but all it takes is those few desperate folks. Man I would make an easy $800 to 1k a week doing that for maybe 5 hours total of work. When I was homeless one winter that scam put me up in a motel room for the entire months of january to march. easy money.


Istealurshit69 wrote

pm me the forum name, I have experience with some types of scamming.