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HolidaysLiftmyHeart wrote

If you're a good lifter though I'd stick to that... It's holiday time now aka lifting season. If you've never been active during the holidays it's seriously a lot of fun. The stores even have great energy with everyone dreaming of Christmas presents


HolidaysLiftmyHeart wrote

Never even thought about it before but I've heard a semi foolproof technique is that security alarms are basically always attached to the edge of a door... Meaning if you cut a hole through one of the steel back doors you can enter without tripping an alarm. And to do this you'd use a battery powered angle grinder or if you're crazy an oxy/acetalyne torch. Hit the drug store now you're an instant dealer


Spudnuts wrote

Not worth it when caught; major prison esp in the UK. Stick to lesser crimes, like lifting.