Before the safe codes changed

Submitted by Amberzey in Stealing

So I worked at 2 different gas stations overnight while going to school. Made a little more than minimum wage at the time. Over the course of those 2 years, I managed to take enough cash to pay my rent and put 5k down on a car. The first job didn't ever install cameras and the manager really never caught on to anything being off. The voids never showed up on the daily reports until about a month before I left. They were operating on an ancient POS system. The second job, no one had specific codes to use to "drop" money so as long as you entered in the amount you were "dropping", your numbers were never off. We had some jerks working there so I never felt bad. It was a 5 million dollar store and paid us in peanuts. I stopped when we got specific codes to use when we dropped money. I still don't feel bad.


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liftingisfun wrote

You were able to steal thousands in cash? Great job. Did you just not ring it up and pocket it?


Amberzey wrote

The voids never showed up until they updated their system right before I left. I would have never ripped them off as bad as I did but they pulled that "It's not what you've done for me, it's what have you done for me today?" In regards to me needing to be off for a family tragedy. So after that, I decided..fuck them. So, that's my weird justification for it. Lots of transactions were cash, lots of regular customers so I knew their totals. I did it by hundred dollar bills or 50 dollar bills. Not to mention all the cartons of cigs I yanked. The distribution center was known to short cigarettes so I used every bit of info to my advantage.