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Lurkerz1 wrote

Clothes flip slow cause theres to many want items that are hot but also cover many types of people. Okay so talking cosmetics you DONT want to mess with concealers,foundations ect because just like clothes theres so many types you wanna boost palettes,mascaras,primers things like that cause they cover more people with one product. Now things that flip fast online are anything Nintendo Switch goes FAST,high end colognes n perfumes think gucci,coach Dolce and Gabbana, anything smart home are hot rn "ring,nest" any streaming devices roku,firestick,Chromecast ect bluetooth Speakers,Fuji instax mini cameras.....literally stick to this list sell everything at 40-50% retail and I promise a majority of the items will flip DAILY! Now that is assuming your lifting skills are on par to acquire said items.