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thief wrote (edited )

Well as stated car hopping IS primarily finding unlocked cars but to be fair if there's a purse on the driver's seat that's stocked I'm smashing the window and running away as fast as I can. Lockpicking is easy but if a car drives by at 2:45 AM and I have a huge ass tool jammed far into the door I'll have a higher chance of being busted than if I just shattered the window and went into hiding half the city away. Not to mention that if there's cameras around said person's home it gives them or the police more time to make an accurate description of the suspect, me.

I'm gonna stick to the unlocked cars but again if there's a phat wad of cash in plain view in a locked car it's game on


Drshoplifter wrote

where do u go to do it?


thief wrote

Carhopping in general? You just go around neighborhoods. Remember: don't shit in your own town. I mean, do, but don't do it within 2 blocks of your house