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kinshavo wrote

In my very limited experience usually bc of some trash people who habits anarchists and anarchist tangent milleus are attracted to power dynamics and they replicate toxic behaviour in this environment... The "good" ones usually are too tired to fight back (a strategy by the toxic ones not their nature tho) and just leave what reinforces the toxic cycle and empowers this group of toxic agents..

And this may happen unconsciously, bc it's not like they want to fuck the place up, but if you a shitty person you just think you are the most anarchist of the universe and others are wrong


kinshavo wrote

And to be fair I don't like most of squats I know, besides one event or another


ArthurDent wrote

I was checking out Raddle as a tankie free reddit alternative and off course I check out this forum. Because, for better or worse, squatting formed me as an activist.

Your question/remark is loaded with assumptions. The mere act of squatting is can mean anything from not being homeless anymore up to carving out an autonomous zone where whichever rules (or not) the occupants want to apply.

Living with humans is difficult and often asks for comprises. Living with humans who think that anarchism means no compromises on your personal freedom is extremely difficult.

Living freely and joyfully depends so much on your interpretation of what that is, that it is very difficult to answer that for you. So, what do you call toxic (and authoritative) ? And what is holding you back from squatting a place for yourselves to live like you want to live?


fortmis OP wrote

Idk the word "squats" for me conjures a pretty specific image, mostly in a western / European context. And by authoritative i mean... There are people exercising authority over others and fighting to gain and maintain control. Don't know how else to put it haha.

Anyway, welcome! Glad you found us!


ArthurDent wrote (edited )

I assumed as much but I didn't want to come across as doing so ;)

Thanks for the welcome. I found Raddle through a recommendation on Mastodon. For what I can tell, it's as advertised tankie free anarchy with people trying to be respectful to each other. Quite rare.

As for what we were talking about; squats in europe can be many things together. It can be someone's home, a political space or a 3 day free rave all at once or completely separated.

My kids where born in the squats where we living. And it's very frustrating to tell someone who just wandered in expecting a rule free environment, that this is not the moment to start jamming 'cause your three year old needs to sleep.

Or the other way around; Your planning for months to give a huge party with three stages and the works and then a doped up DJ won't stop his set (always guys). And the only way that you got everyone of your neighbors onboard was that there would be 5 hours every night that there would be no amplified music.

What do you do? Who's freedom do you break?

There are lots of other examples where there's tension between the image of squats and what squats are mostly are, peoples homes how temporarily that may be, or how long ( my range goes from 2 days till 11 years ), and in every case there is probably someone going to tell you no.

Including don't drive your motorcycle through our communal living room.

I think the one thing you really must realize is that the people who live in squats are not necessarily anarchists or even remotely politically aware.

That doesn't mean that squats can't be wonderful places to live in, to organize at, to play in, to party at, to meet amazing people.

But your mileage may vary.