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Tequila_Wolf wrote

It tries to include people by forcing them into the economy.

I've said this before, but whenever you see shit like "the population of XYZ country lives mostly on less than 2 dollars a day" or whatever, what they're really saying is, how do we go about getting these fucking people to be more dependent on the monetary system?. Because people don't actually survive on that, they just have informal non-capital-recognising ways of making life happen.


Tequila_Wolf OP wrote

I think it's moral? They also banned cigarettes.

Mostly I think a lot of violence and car accidents are bound up in drinking here. Crime has gone down massively under lockdown (In the first week of lockdown, only 94 murders were recorded in the country — from 326 in the same week in 2019. The number of rapes was down 86%.) Though obviously the variables here are confounded. One thing they said was that alcohol encourages gatherings?


ziq wrote (edited )

I went through the mod log and added phrases lifted from all the spam titles going back a year or so. there was probably some spam that had 'easter gi*t' in the title.

feel free to remove anything you want, sometimes I go a little overboard

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celebratedrecluse wrote

Everyone, regardless of prior work status, should be able to get unemployment benefits. In fact, if we are going to have money at all, give a UBI commensurate to the number of dependent children or other persons cared for.