Attention: All Antifa Employees

Submitted by BigG in SorosPSAs

Donald J. Trump's strives towards making America great again have certainly been a big blow to us all. His genius intellect has proven quite a barrier to our success. But I have faith we will soon remove him from office and he will no longer be able to thwart our plans.

Though comrade Oprah ultimately decided against our proposal, we are in the process of recruiting another candidate for the Presidency who is as skilled as comrades Obama and Clinton were at corrupting the minds of America's youth and ensuring communism crushes the free market and plunges the United States into disarray.

We will be announcing our new candidate to senior staff in the coming weeks.

We will destroy America together, that is my pledge to you, my faithful servants. The filthy white scourge will be exterminated.

Your Spring bonuses are in the mail. Enjoy.

General George Soros

The International Antifa Organization

New York, New York.


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ziq wrote

Incredible announcement, Mr. Soros.

Thank you so much for everything you've done for the cause. You're truly a great man. A great man.