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hasbrochem wrote

oh fuck, this isn't going to be a very fun read...this is one big part of why I dislike BS and OAC so much. they claim they're socialists. they're not. either they know it and are purposefully muddying the waters or they're ignorant of the politics they lay claim to. neither one bodes very well.

thanks (for ruining my weekend). :D


selver OP wrote

I didn't read the whole thing. But to give you an idea, here's the intro:

We find that historical proponents of socialist policies and those in the contemporary United States share some of their visions and intents . They both characterize the distribution of income in market economies as the unjust result of “exploitation,” which should be rectified by extensive state control. The proposed solutions include single-payer systems, high tax rates (“from each according to his ability”), and public policies that hand out much of the Nation’s goods and services “free” of charge (“to each according to his needs”). Where they differ is that contemporary democratic socialists denounce state brutality and would allow individuals to privately own the means of production in many industries .

In assessing the effects of socialist policies , it is important to recognize that they provide little material incentive for production and innovation and, by distributi ng goods and services for “free , ” prevent prices from revealing economically important information about costs and consumer needs and wants. To this end, as the then – prime minister of the Unite d Kingdom , Margaret Thatcher (1976), once argued , “Socialist governments . . . always run out of other people’s money , ” and thus the way to prosperity is for the state to give “the people more choice to spend their own money in their own way.”

It's just a vulgar "socialism is when the government does stuff, and the more stuff it does, the more socialist it is" but from the US government.


selver OP wrote (edited )

I saw some liberal post this as a critique of Marxism & just thought it was really funny. The strawmen capitalists have to create to defend capitalism are so god damn terrible, it's so transparent to anyone with the slightest familiarity with anti-capitalist theory.


hasbrochem wrote

oddly prescient...I have been reading through some old threads on here from about a year ago and just stopped reading through one where a tankie was defending rapists, saying we needed to give them space in our communities because "they're not that bad" or some such nonsense.


hasbrochem wrote

An independent disciplinary committee at the time came to the conclusion that an ISO member had clearly violated the organization’s code of conduct and should be expelled, but the 2013 Steering Committee interfered with the committee’s work, overturned its decision and effectively silenced anyone who dissented from the course it chose.

fucking tankies. they need to name and shame not only the fucker that committed the sexual assault but those that were on the committee that protected them. out those pieces of shit and drive them and their supporters from the communities they try to inhabit.


hasbrochem wrote

For those who haven't been there before, these are some shots from earlier this year in berlin around the 100 year anniversary of the murder of rosa and karl by the freikorps (proto-nazis) in cooperation with the spd (german socialist party). they were tortured and rosa was raped before being thrown into the river and left for dead. his body was found fairly quickly, hers wasn't found for some time after.

view along the river

under the bridge next to the memorial

in front of their pictures on the brick wall

plaque talking about them (in german--sorry, I don't feel like translating right now)

the unvandalized memorial (from the pic in the article you can see what is new and what was there before)

another view along the river

another view along the river

picture in the berlin subway of the karl liebnecht house, on the right there are pictures of Lenin, Liebnecht, and Luxemburg. On the building it says "In your [Lenin, Liebnecht, and Luxemburg] spirit, forward in the fight against threat of war, fascism, hunger and cold, for work, bread and freedom" (I can't make out the other side; this was easier to translate than the plaque would be)

karl liebnecht haus today it's the offices of the only leftist part in the german bundestag right now, die linke.

rosa luxemburg platz which is on the side of the street I was on when I took the picture of the liebnecht haus

more rosa platz well the subway station there

yet more rosa platz just outside the subway

the whole thing, from their murder in collaboration with the spd to the vandalism calling out the holodomor genocide shows us exactly what "left unity" brings when we unite with authoritarian leftists. this isn't polemics, this is looking at the reality of what has happened and continues to this day.


MrPotatoeHead wrote

Socialism in the US translates into the Democratic party giving the appearance of favoring the people, over billionaires and big business. It's a shame that they're as corrupt as the Republican party is, and as beholden to special interest groups instead of those that voted them into power. If enough sensible, honest (as possible) and free speaking people get into Congress, then maybe the fear will be valid. That scenario is not in the foreseeable future. People are still cheering the billionaire that took their tax money and gave it to his friends as tax cuts, without even thinking that they've been, and are still being, emotionally played.