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kazahana wrote (edited )

I think the question should actually be, "How would meritocracy work?"

Identifying modern or past capitalist systems as meritocratic is woefully misguided to start. As it stands, the current system is mostly a system of "some individual or small group chooses someone with the whitest and most masculine name, preferably with prestigious relatives etc., to do X."

I am sort of afraid socialism would end up in the same trap, so I think the first step would be to remove as many personal identifying characteristics from selection processes as possible. No age, no gender, no name, no birthplace, etc.

Preferably, the options should also be reviewed by committee, after applicants self-select the field they would like to go into. Having some sort of electronic test of pure ability would be a good idea, too, especially if the tests could completely replace the traditional application--if they can pass the test, their work and education history is kind of irrelevant.


Halstan wrote

I remember hearing about how some college or company in the UK tried looking at "blind resumes" that left out names, gender, place of birth; any identifying traits besides just skills. Sorry, I should post a link and I will try later, but I only have a second presently.