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tanattyn wrote

Easy for me.

Trash the remnants of feudalism (i.e. the far right, the church and the non-profit charities that learned from them). That will happen in our lifetimes, I believe; no one cares about church anymore. Then, the bourgeoisie's nature as pointlessly ineffective economic planners is pretty obvious. In the US gov't the (official!) income inequality is about 8:1, and short of committing a felony you never have to lose your job - not unimaginably far from socialism. Most of the population wants that - wants not just single-payer but socialized healthcare and guaranteed jobs, I won't listen to anything else. And guaranteed jobs inevitably mean worker's councils, a massive reduction of incarceration rates, and drug decriminalization. The way to do that is simple: kill "outsourcing".

And you still have all the weapons so it's not like the former US is a sitting duck once it socializes. The opposite, really. Take the former US military and back a leftist overthrow of Putin, and Posada's got all the nukes, drones, airstrikes etc in the world to back Marxist revolutions everywhere. Game over.


PoisonDartFrog wrote

Even if you kill outsourcing, you can't kill automatation, which is taking over at a rapid pace. Jobs just aren't in our futures.


tanattyn wrote

turns her disabled, isolated, on welfare body away from her capitalist propaganda screen, stares at you blankly with open mouth, then nods, understanding

Glass factory's that way, Commander Scotty.