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What good does it do to ridicule people who are just asking questions?

Some may have questions that you perceive as completely and utterly stupid because they come from a different point of view when asking those questions. I’ve been there before in many capacities. Maybe this is the time when I’m the one asking the dumb question. But you know how you don’t make allies? You know how you don’t make converts? Laughing, mocking, ridiculing, etc. That’s a real easy way to make enemies. How is the left to win out in the end if all it does is makes enemies?

You know what you do to win out? Answer all questions, no matter how dumb or repeditive, sincerely, honestly, calmly, and effectively.

Screw it if I get an answer. I don’t care. I’ll find it some way, but not everyone has the attitude about this that I do, and you’ll find that the mocking and ridicule of the left is just another way into the pipeline to the right. Sucking as people is not going to create a society that is better for everyone. If you’re just in it to play games and screw with people, then whatever. Continue on.

I’ve gotten the same nonsense from Anarchists and Marxists about how the other side of the divide is full of people fantasizing about something unrealistic. I await the day that there is some real discussion between the two sides that is accessible to the masses. Until then, expect revolution to be a long way out.

Okay. Go ahead. Treat me like crap for this too. Ban me for all I care. I love being treated as sub-human so that the left can perpetuate its nonsense to the extent that people interested coming in from the right don’t have a fighting chance at learning what they want to learn.

If anyone has some real responses to the points I'm making, I’m happy to hear them out. Even if the response is just detailing why my starting point is flawed, that’d be good too. If not, I’m done with raddle.



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Dialectical wrote

I don't think we should try to educate right wing people because they're already too far gone.