Blueprint for a Left Unity Guerrilla Movement

Submitted by lori in Socialism

«Considering the revolutionary war as a whole, the operations of the people's guerrillas and the main forces of the Red Army complement each other like a man's right arm and left arm, and if we had only the main force of the Red Army without the people's guerrillas, we would be like a warrior with only one arm. In concrete terms, and especially with regard to military operations, when we talk of the people in the base area as a factor, we mean that we have an armed people. That is the main reason why the enemy is afraid to approach out base area.» - Mao Zedong, "Problems of Strategy in China's Revolutionary War," December 1936

In a modern context, I think this quote provides a valuable blueprint for a Left Unity guerrilla movement, with those from the Leninist camp preferring centralized hierarchies controlling the Red Army on broad fronts against the enemy, and those from the libertarian camp preferring decentralized structures acting as guerrillas and focusing on localized defense.



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Splinglebot wrote

an excellent idea, comrade, use the anarchists as cannon fodder to establish our glorious regime


mike425mobile wrote

No cannon fodder when there are no cannons left, once this guerrilla operation is complete, friendo!