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hasbrochem wrote

For those who haven't been there before, these are some shots from earlier this year in berlin around the 100 year anniversary of the murder of rosa and karl by the freikorps (proto-nazis) in cooperation with the spd (german socialist party). they were tortured and rosa was raped before being thrown into the river and left for dead. his body was found fairly quickly, hers wasn't found for some time after.

view along the river

under the bridge next to the memorial

in front of their pictures on the brick wall

plaque talking about them (in german--sorry, I don't feel like translating right now)

the unvandalized memorial (from the pic in the article you can see what is new and what was there before)

another view along the river

another view along the river

picture in the berlin subway of the karl liebnecht house, on the right there are pictures of Lenin, Liebnecht, and Luxemburg. On the building it says "In your [Lenin, Liebnecht, and Luxemburg] spirit, forward in the fight against threat of war, fascism, hunger and cold, for work, bread and freedom" (I can't make out the other side; this was easier to translate than the plaque would be)

karl liebnecht haus today it's the offices of the only leftist part in the german bundestag right now, die linke.

rosa luxemburg platz which is on the side of the street I was on when I took the picture of the liebnecht haus

more rosa platz well the subway station there

yet more rosa platz just outside the subway

the whole thing, from their murder in collaboration with the spd to the vandalism calling out the holodomor genocide shows us exactly what "left unity" brings when we unite with authoritarian leftists. this isn't polemics, this is looking at the reality of what has happened and continues to this day.