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BrowseDuringClass1917 wrote

Furthermore, on Friday, the Labour Minister asked private employers to increase workers’ wages. As in 1968, when threatened with losing everything, the ruling class might be prepared to make concessions. There are, however, some differences with 1968. First of all, those revolutionary events took place at the peak of the post-war boom and the bosses had more room to manoeuvre in terms of their accumulated profits. Right now, the situation is completely different, as the French economy has barely recovered from the crisis of 2008. Furthermore, in 1968 it was the Communist Party, which had a massive authority amongst the advanced workers and trade unionists, which ensured that the offer of higher wages was accepted, against the wishes of many mass workers’ assemblies. Today, there is no such force with any authority in the workers' movement, and even less amongst the yellow vests, which could impose such a deal. The reaction of workers to the appeal by the Minister of Labour was to say: “we were told there was no money for any concessions, but now that the yellow vests are on the streets fighting, suddenly money is found. The conclusion is clear: all out!”.