North American culture, or lack thereof

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North America has no culture other than money and "bootstraps" that creates unattainable ideals. The media feeds us unattainable standards for living, feeds us racism, and creates social pressure to be a bad person who strives to be superior to others, rather than equal.

Essentially though, what destroys North American culture is money. People don't have enough to survive comfortably anymore and USA/Canada extended themselves too far in terms of their promises of how good life could be without being able to properly provide for people at the bottom - and now in the middle - and even the upper middle.

America has the worst wealth inequality in the world, despite consistently painting itself as the greatest country in the world. Ultimately, you're going to have a lot of people that are going to be very discontent with having nothing, without a system in place that even allows poor people to survive - at all, but being told they live in the land of opportunity for all.

In America, essentially everything, from common morals, to racism, to even religion, are governed by the pursuit of money and power.

I think the worst thing, however, is people who readily represent the racist, ugly American stereotype; even when the system and their government is literally killing them - they don't want to admit that they went wrong - because that would mean that everything they believe in themselves, as Americans, is false. They would rather die under the heel of American oppression than for a second realize that maybe their jingoism and their white supremacy and their faith in their broken nation is wrong.


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chaos wrote

We live in a modern society fully estranged from the environment we evolved from. Everything we do nowadays is "unnatural" and weird. We're in unexplored territory most of the time in everything we do. Living in this world is painful for a lot of people.


bloodrose wrote

Everything we do nowadays is "unnatural" and weird.

I keep writing examples that prove this point and I realize I could write an entire book on this. Literally all of our culture is this weird alien crap that is killing us because it is so far removed from what our bodies and minds can handle.


LostYonder wrote

Interesting points, but totally gross generalizations that ultimately don't really take us anywhere. The cult of money is certainly not unique to the US - have you ever been to India? It is horrific how money and consumption lifestyle has insinuated itself into everyday life. As for the country with the largest wealth inequality - the US is up there, but there are a lot of countries with much greater ratios of inequality. South Africa supposedly has the highest in the world. In fact, most of the countries with the highest ratios of inequality are in Africa...

There is a lot to complain about the US, but it would be productive if the complaints are based on reality and if one takes a broader comparative perspective. The rise of neoliberal fascism is a global phenomenon with it's own historical and cultural logic in different countries where it is taking root. What is happening in India as compared to Philippines, as compared to Hungary, as compared to Turkey, as compared to Brazil, as compared to the US, have some similar traits, but one can't understand them fully outside their particular contexts...


selver wrote

Americans definitely have a culture.


rot wrote

It's just been ruined by capital. Each state has a "thing" there is African-American culture but no white american culture because its been replaced with generic consumerism.


selver wrote

What was ruined? What year did you like the white American culture?

If you don't think white Americans have a culture, it's cause you're too entrenched in it to see it. If someone from a different country came to America, they could definitely tell you about your culture.


rot wrote

All the commercialized shit you see in american stores and in that little section of international foods with poptarts and cheetos.

There is technically a culture but it revolves around buying things not doing or being things.

Not even mentioning all the indigenous cultures.