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Enkara wrote (edited )

Yes fuck restaraunts.

Collective kitchens please.


Nonbinary_R_Us wrote (edited )

Just the perspective of a server here: I actually love it ----

  • if people weren't snotwipes (the rudeness described here is so commonplace I definitely wouldn't notice it at work. We see a lot worse)

  • if it didn't involve so much emotional labour. I don't feel I should need to smile constantly, even on days I feel good, never mind when I feel bad. I shouldn't have to kiss anyone's feet if they're bullying/harassing me.

  • if there were no bosses. My new general manager called me "dear" in this super condescending way yesterday. "You need to work on getting these drinks out faster dear. You can't leave them sitting on the bar." Never mind that he was doing nothing while I and the only other server each had 14 -16 tables in a surprise rush. I called him "sweetheart" before I could stop myself.

  • if we weren't perpetually understaffed.

  • if every table just had the god damn decency to recognize that we're people and we're doing something nice for them like the author of this article does. Seriously, when I encounter people like that it makes my day and I remember the reasons I love this job.

  • if I could choose to only serve vegan food

  • if we could sit down sometimes.

Basically I would still consider doing this kind of labour in a very different post-capitalist setting, because it's just genuinely fun a lot of the time. You get to meet a lot of great people, and the work itself is fast paced and exciting. I just hate the gendered aspects and the way it all functions under capitalism.

Sorry for rambling, just a few scattered thoughts on this.


selver wrote

They make me uncomfortable too, but I think that's because I know the servers don't want to be there. I could see a potential place for restaurants in a post-work world, although it'd probably look much different.