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_ziq_ wrote

Not if they hitch their ride to the Democratic party. They'll just be swallowed up by liberal politics and end up selling out whatever values they think they have.


jadedctrl wrote (edited )

Not direct change-- the best it can do is allow more leftists to meet in the local chapters and sway some of the general public farther left, if not radical. The local chapters vary in whether they're socialist or liberal, but quite a few of them are pretty great.
EDIT: For clarification, national DSA is completely fucking awful. The local chapters aren't.


zer0crash wrote

Already being absorbed into the establishment, via respectability politics and their milquetoast positions.


LostYonder wrote

At the moment it will capture some interest for disaffected Democrats while simultaneously providing a basis for radicals to find a legitimate foundation to meet, talk, and do things on the local level. ultimately, the liberals will either undermine it by making it a "safe space" for all or abandon it, disowning it. As for the radicals, it will be a cathartic exercise in building a national platform and continue as a place to be locally engaged, but it will be highly circumscribed by its national ambitions and the liberal mindset...

I would like to be more hopeful, and I do think it is worth supporting if only as a strategic disruption to the 2-party system, but it is called a system for a reason and you can't penetrate it and remain true to your values and objectives; you can only ultimately destroy it!


anarchistspectacle wrote

Yes, I do. The one around my area is very large and radical and we do a lot of direct action and actual grassroots stuff.


anyan25 wrote

as an organization i think not. however, i see potential in their ability to introduce slight bits of radicalism into the hearts of disenfranchised democrats. I actually think us anarchists ought to engage with local DSA chapters for the sake of forming connections and ideally imbuing those chapters with anarchist thought, practice, and sentiment.


ziq wrote

Nah. Not real change, but maybe some superficial ones like funding for academics.