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erin wrote

this is a fantastical situation though, like, a revolution where having a state afterwards is even an option isn't an anarchist revolution, we do popular revolutions not vanguardist revolutions, that means when the revolution is over the people themselves will demand anarchism and not a transitional state (mutualism transitional phase maybe but not a state). so the idea that we will help each other during the revolution and then turn on each other is never going to happen, either the revolution will be vanguardist and any anarchists who help with that are severely misinformed, there is no possibility but the establishment of a new state in that case, or it will be an anarchist popular revolution and in that case anyone suggesting that a new state be set up afterwards will be laughed at. you will know what you're getting afterwards by what kind of revolution it is, so why would an anarchist support a revolution that has been historically proven to result in their death.