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communists don't really have an issue with that.

I think enough look back on the USSR and others as being examples of failures in that regard. At the very least it's accepted as an example of why the strong man theory doesn't work. Personally I think having a figurehead that is purely representative is fine but not locking up all that power in one person.

i think every faction has those kinds, but other than being a minor hinderance to conversation, i don't see them as much of a threat for our advancement.

I think they pose a problem in that they can sabotage a revolution if it doesn't go exactly the way they want it to, whether it's by divisive actions and rhetoric, or actively siding with counter-revolutionaries. A couple here have expressed that they will be content breaking away and committing individual actions that aren't tactically considerate of the larger movement.

but there is something to consider.....perhaps all of our differences cannot be reconciled. that may not be a bad thing. but we do need to be honest about our differences.

People in general are going to have different perceptions of things. There are always going to be differences, and yes, some may not be reconciled, but decisions must be made on what the larger points are, and which minor things can be compromised. I don't see the major points of our political views as necessarily incompatible as I pointed out a couple posts ago, and I think it's important to emphasize our commonalities so that we can be more effective.