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Valjan wrote (edited )

Because every single time this is said, it's opportunistic power grabbing from statists. Those who revere authority to dismantle hegemony (only to reinstate hegemony) are saying their way is the only way, there is no possibility for a direct empowerment of the popular force it must go to the party/vanguard/community and not to the individual.

These differences are -not- minor, and to confuse them as such is either to intentionally obfuscate aimed for goals of state hegemony or you truly don't understand that the difference between liberty and authority is a vast stretch. Societies restructuring stems from the individual interacting with others, not from a position of authority to wield the same hegemonic influences of the masters.

Also the assumption that all on the left identify as communists is a bit strange. I prefer Anarchist-Without-Adjectives or Synthesist Anarchist.