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SpiritOfTito wrote

That'd be an easy answer if subversion and destabilisation came in the form of a uniformed capitalist man coming up and saying "hey this isn't on".

The lengths of subversion and destabilisation they will go to are pretty well outlined in Killing Hope by William Blum. Including sabotaging ships arriving to communist nations to produce food shortages, paying people to protest, assasination attempts, bombing of food production facilities, bombing of farms (to make the "economy scream").

Your commune /state whatever you prefer is going to be under attack from day one and it's not going to be men in capitalist uniforms identifying themselves.

It's going to be your own people demanding you feed them because the americans have sunk your grain shipments in your own docking yards. It's going to be because they bombed your food production facilities and now your commune is starving.

And when people are starving and looking for answers they'll swoop in offering food/money/gifts to reactionaries and fascists and funding and arming their ascent to power.

I like the sentiment: It's simple and easy. But it's abstracted and doesn't make sense given what we know happened to every nation that deviated from Washington in the 20th century (Im not even talking about socialist states. There were plenty the US overthrew simply because they were against US interest).