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WindTalk wrote (edited )

Didn't he also tell people 'live this way' and 'don't do this' though?

How many people alive today, 2017, are saying those two things? And how many in the past 2000 years? 'live this way' and 'don't do this', aren't doctors telling people that today in hospitals all over the world? Seth MacFarlane content can have adverts all around it - telling people how to live, and what to do. That's probably how most of his power and money is accumulated - adverts. Why are wealthy and powerful people paying such big money to put their 'live this way' and 'don't do this' in the middle of fiction stories?

It's the popularity of the story itself that is the point I'm trying to make. Jesus isn't anything without his crowd, his fans, his fan-appreciation clubs. That's what is relevant to Spock posting "Why can't leftists just all get along? We're all on the same side, comrades" as a topic.

Is fighting more popular than getting along? Are hierarchies what people desire, want, and even construct? We don't need Jesus to build towers in our big cities.