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Epicalyx wrote

Communism is stateless so far as I understand

so there would be no such thing as legality

if you're referring to the intermediary phase between political and social revolution, then i suspect decriminalising weed would be something that happens sooner rather than later in that process


sudo wrote

Communism is stateless, but not government-less. The state, as defined by Marx, is the parts of the government that are used to hold one class in submission, while ensuring the continuing rule of another. In bourgeois society, these are things like the police, courts, prisons, etc. In my opinion, this is an outdated, confusing definition for "state," but this is what we are stuck with when discussing Marxism.

So, when Marx says communism is stateless, he means there would be no government institutions to uphold the supremacy of one class over another, because class distinctions would have ceased to exist. There would still be a government, and there would still be laws.

Would a socialist or communist government make marijuana legal? Yes, I see no reason why they would continue to classify it as illegal.


J7383 wrote (edited )

If it was actually communist, yes. If it was state capitalist like the USSR, China, Korea, etc, no, because totalitarian states don't want their workers to be distracted by anything.


ziq_TNG wrote

if it were really a communist society, it wouldn't need to legalize anything because all the state's laws would be cast aside and we'd start over.