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As you can see, we ditched our old wordpress site that was hastily thrown together when the reddit admins began shutting down leftist subs and banning leftist mods for no good reason.

And as promised, we've switched to the fully open source project that emma has been working on all these months. We also switched to VPS hosting.

If you had an account on the old site, you'll have to re-register here. You don't have to provide an email when you sign up, your privacy is our number 1 priority. And as usual, there are no ads or monetization.

We just want to give everyone a safe space where we don't have to answer to bootlicking liberals. We have a site-wide zero tolerance policy for reactionaries, but everyone else is welcome.

We encourage you to report any bugs or offer ideas for improvements in the f/meta subforum. This site was made by the people for the people, and actualizing the community's ideas for the best possible leftist meeting place is our entire motivation.

Feel free to BASH THE FASH and share subversive literature. We won't ban your asses for it like a certain other site keeps doing.



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evilsjw wrote

Awesome work, big shoutout to emma!


rebelboots wrote

Great job!! I'm happy to be here. Thank you all for doing this!


an_whale wrote

I was a member of the other site for over 9 years. I had over 50k karma and 12k comment karma. They banned me recently for no reason at all. Made up some shit about brigading or whatever, which I do not ever do.


ziq OP wrote

I've had accounts banned there for no reason too, usually right after I post a link to something especially damning to America/capitalism.


agency wrote

VPS hosting

Very nice.