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  1. The rotation of tasks has to be explicitly acknowledged. otherwise youre going to generate burnout, resentment, informal hierarchies, etc. basically getting people to commit to things consistently. this is probably the main thing

  2. If you want something done, you have to be the one who is ready to take responsibility for it.

  3. Be constructive, be very careful about complaining about others (i.e. gossip). your bad mood one day without all the information can slowly shape the opinion of others about someone who you didnt mean to. gossip is inevitable, but it is mostly terrible for institutional growth

  4. If youre not growing, you're probably shrinking. do something different

  5. "Community" is something that grows over time and is made up of complex exchange relationships and trust. having something specific in common with a few other people, or doing someone 1x/mo or week or something does not make a community. do not expect real community social relationships to arise out of people who are not really dependent on eachother.

  6. You have to establish casual relationships with people to organize them/with them. people will not be receptive to persuasion if you do not already have a baseline level of trust, if they do not feel like an equal in your relationship. when you meet people, feel out what agitates them, and slowly try to figure out a non-dramatic way it ties back into hierarchy, or capitalism or whatever, and specifically, what they/you are capable of doing right now, or this weekend, or next month etc.

  7. Be careful with politicized words like communism, capitalism, socialism, anarchism, liberalism, etc. e.g. you can criticize liberals without using that word, without having to explain that conservatives are liberal too (also so conservatives dont default to "o they're criticizing those people i dont like, "the liberals"), or the way things work without saying a label ("capitalism"). later on you can make those arguments if you want, but you can't just start at C. we're doomed to start at A. every relationship shares some similarities cuz we're raised under the same hegemonic cultural values, but every person's sensibilities and experiences are unique.

  8. It's important to try to explain things in your own words, and whatever is bothering you in your life, rather than pontificating on an abstract level. "this is what i did last night. frustrated about it, feel like i dont have control over it. it's stupid that things are arranged this way".

  9. Pace yourself. burnout is the biggest thing. there is a major problem in NA @ with dropout at 30. until we are an intergenerational movement again, most @ communities will just be "scenes" of 20 and 30 somethings.



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