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I am organizing a group called the Liberation front. This group will be dedicated to continuing the fight for the spread of socialism/communism, human rights and the freedoms that are currently being infringed by the government. We will be a Bolshevik group who will fight with tenacity to spread socialism and fight the evils of capitalism. We take heavy inspiration from Trotsky's "Fascism: What it is and how to fight it" among the other classic socialist and communist literature, If interested leave a comment or message me directly. I understand if this gets taken down but I felt like sharing! Thanks!



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Bezotcovschina wrote

Just an usual reminder to everyone: Do not trust easily any random stranger that invites you in any organized group to fight fascism.


Midwestunrest OP wrote

how do you want me to prove im not a fed, want my ssn, adress, etc. any info you want I can give.


ziq wrote

Liberation front


We will be a Bolshevik group

Pick one.


ruin wrote

Sorry everyone thinks you’re a fed. Maybe you’re just a really polite, enthusiastic communist from the Midwest?

Either way, there’s only a few dozen users on this whole platform as far as I can tell.

Good luck with the revolution.


[deleted] wrote


ruin wrote

I was just fucking around. Need to remember to go more overboard when employing sarcasm online.

But, on the anther hand, far right dipshits have taken to militia recruitment on facebook and then tried to kidnap a governor.


mustard wrote

those seem like alts though! And wtf is insurrection?


maskfutures wrote

Insurrection, an act or instance of rising in revolt, rebellion, or resistance against civil authority or an established government.


RenyAlin wrote

lol life has many doors fed boi


maskfutures wrote

I would love to join comrade! What state are you in?