So what happened to the shorter working day? Why did that fight stop once workers achieved the 8 hours working day?

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Achieving shorter working days was the most consistent socialist demand in the 19th and early 20th century. We went from 12 hours, to 10 hours, to 8 hours.

I've seen old propaganda calling for 6 hours, sometimes even 4 hours, so what happened there?

With our staggering advances in technology and high automation factor, I don't understand why shorter work hours weren't achieved by now. Why did the fight for the 6 hour work stop?



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ziq wrote

The state/capital/media apparatus got much better at shutting down dissent and blackballing organizers. Nowadays people are quickly dealt with when they try to organize:

And it's unlikely it'll even get to that point since the corporate media works so hard to smear socialists and organizers and paint strikers as lazy, selfish, despicable, unpatriotic, etc.


lautreamont wrote (edited )

Yes, co-worker blackmailing, slander and snitching is big these days in the corporate world. It's a very dark culture, it's rooted in lack of education and capitalist morals among parts of the working class, and doesn't have to take political expressions like being labeled as "socialist" or "unpatriotic". They'll just defame you as a wingnut, loser, or whatev. The call centers tend to be the worst for this shit, and I'm thankful that most of these are shut down, at the moment.


ziq wrote

Tldr big boot fetish in modern society


Majrelende wrote

Today, not many people would identify with the goal for a zero-hour day.


TheLegendaryBirdMonster wrote

syndicat leaders in bed with the bosses helped fuck syndicalism.

made in dagenham has a scene where the syndicat leaders are shown to be leaching on other workers in the same way the bosses do.