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Pop wrote

Capitalism works neither on paper nor in reality


ziq wrote

"There's no paper under communism, only stone slabs".


tsv wrote

My favorite line is, "Socialism doesn't scale with large populations like America." This is the response I get when I give details showing where socialism has worked in other parts of the world.

Everyone has their favorite -ism. But has any -ism really worked? Or is it the failings of humanity to try sections of it out and then state it doesn't work when something fails. Cherry picking theories has rarely worked.


FreePianoKeys wrote

This is a bullshit narrative because it implies several inaccurate things. First, that there is an objective standard for a system working. We can come up with a definition, but you can't assume it's implied and by most definitions capitalism fails. Second, that communist organizations must exist on a large scale to qualify, when in reality communist relations exist all over in everyday life. Third, that only examples of communism itself can be used when the collection of revolutionary socialist ideologies espouse similar beliefs and practices and can be used as evidence as well. And fourth and finally, it implies that those who call themselves communists have never done anything good, which is downright bullshit. There are many, many examples of this. Overall, it's a basic argument and we should move on to actually talking about communist theory and application instead of Cold War propaganda.


Naokotani wrote

Communism works constantly all the time. From Kropotkin's point of view, every time a pod of whales forms a circle around their young to protect them from sharks we have communism, that is the form of communism that is bred into every complex organism by evolution.

Also, communism is so effective that it actually breaks capitalism. Internally, a corporation operates like an authoritarian communist state that shares resources internally. As a result of economies of scale (as well as the fact that cooperating is more effective than competing), large corporations that are more horizontally and vertically integrated are more effective than smaller corporations that rely on other corporations that need to generate profit (waste) for their goods and services. This creates monopolies in such a way that, if left unchecked, any capitalist system would eventually become a communist system.


liberal_one wrote (edited )

There is no such thing as a 'free market'. Free markets only exist in textbooks. A free market has never been spotted in the wild.


Enkara wrote

I avoid talking to liberals, so never really responded to this.


fontoc wrote

You probably should asking about Socialism rather than Communism.

But then most Americans are conditioned to think that they are the same thing.


coinphrase wrote

I'd say, show me the paper and let's discuss specifics.


[deleted] wrote (edited )


jadedctrl wrote

I usually say "Communism hasn't been tried since the stone ages-- it worked then." I'd feel kind of dishonest if I skipped over millions of years of history... but the response is always, "oh, so something that worked in the stone ages could work today?!" and I kick myself for mentioning it.