Submitted by keez in Skateboarding (edited )

You brought it on with your pathetic vans old skool shoes and shake junt grip tapes, refusing to learn body varial tricks or demonstrating even a basic Rodney Mullen trick.

Your culture and sport is dying because you are a bunch of edgy skinny jeans wearing punks who thinks graffiti is more important than doing a tailwhip backflip mctwist over a pair of Jordans or drinking capri sun in the sun with your friends. Your popularity is dying because of your cannabis fried brains and the skate & destroy mentality is making parents angry and afraid of sending their kids here. Your culture is dying because you are all disgusting oversized tshirt wearing smellbags, who refuse to respect the police straight out of some N.W.A song.

Your skatepark is dying because you wont let us use the parks you single handedly built through volunteer work and squatting. Your park is dying because you are meanies to scooter kids. Your park is dying because my mom will come and yell at you for not understanding that scooting is so much more enjoyable and more accepted in middle school! Your culture is dying because the grip tapes on the scooters and the shoes we wear (Nike x Ben & Jerry collab!!) are much cooler.

Fuck you sk8ers and your ugly ass old skool vans. You LOST THE WAR losers!!!!!!!!



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GroundFrost wrote

Dammit! leave my old school vans alone! cries in broken ageing skater