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LiftedAndGifted wrote

pull up, jump out with your drill.... zip zip... take plate and go. Then you superglue stolen plate to back of yours. Use clamps so the seal is tight. When u are in need of this 2nd plate, pull in to a parking lot just before needing it, pop trunk, reach up and twist screws out, flip plate, reinsert screws. you now have 2 plates and wont have one laying out if u get stopped by police


Loundrel wrote

He applied for that specific job because he was desperate. Obviously I don't know his specific situation, but I'd make a strong bet for it having something to do with our society failing to care for the sick, elderly, and otherwise disadvantaged among us. Think about it this way - what are the odds an 80 year old would apply for a bottom-tier job at Walmart just out of boredom? There are a lot of people in this world, so it's probably happened at least once, but the vast majority are desperate.


Spoildnoodles wrote

A very annoying woman on a scooter who’s a greeter, stopped my friend and I to ask if we bought anything. We stood in front of her so she could see we weren’t caring any bags. She then asks again to see our receipt, I tell her we didn’t buy anything and she asks again. We say the same thing and then she’s like “OOOHH okay bye.” Like girl we weren’t caring any bags and I know for a fact I didn’t take anything this time. I was very annoyed with her, 😤


saintreginageorge wrote (edited )

  • What do you do when they ask to count the clothing?

If you are quick enough you can hide your merch inside of other clothing, preferably something bulkier: like a t-shirt inside of a big pair of pants.

  • When you're coming out is it okay to tell them you just left some merch in there?

I'm not really sure how things work at Walmart since I don't live in US but this is what I do: There's most likely a rack for the clothes you aren't buying. If no rack, I normally give a few items to an employee. I spend a little bit time in the store, place other items (which I double-tagged in the dressing room) on their designated racks and get out.