Bans in /f/Shoplifting

Username Reason Banned Expires
TitanofThieves "catamites"
ladylungs Underage - come back in two years
LanguageBot Re-banning for same reasons as before
Frankyshome spamming everyone trying to get them to sell their loot, probably a cop Never
Drone1773_11 Moralizing and threats. We've stated in the sidebar nobody gives a shit how much of a law abiding citizen you are and you're already being detained in under 5 minutes. Tough ...
fridge Banned for Islamophobia, (using reverse racism rhetoric as a reason wearing a burqa would help you with shoplifting) Never
Zmcpwksn troll evading Ban (Thr0waway) Never
theslumpgod homophobia, says they do not care about abuse Never
thanksreddit1 Said they were supposed to be banned Never
Trustwh0m Defends previous islamaphobic post Never
Throwaway465748 Troll Never
ShopliftingIsBadKids Moralizing Never