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Subversive_Element wrote

I’m almost certain this channel is a parody. A gas station with its own website, Instagram, Twitter, and of course, YouTube with a million views per video.

The 1020p quality cameras and crack team of spec-ops cashiers are a dead giveaway. I wouldn’t be surprised if they hire locals to ‘lift’ then make their hilarious commentary while they edit each video.

Only thing to learn from these videos is making money on social media...from a gas station. I give them props though, it’s a good hustle.


Crazyguy wrote (edited )

I love watching these and seeing how worked up they get over a fucking kit kat or snickers bar. This shit is gold


lilyachty wrote (edited by a moderator )

these cats are [removed]


Bandit moderator wrote (edited )

You need to cut out the ableist language. This is a warning, and it comes with a small 2-day ban.

See the w/Terms_of_service for clarity, and feel free to read the this article for more understanding, or spend some time in f/Ability.


opera_detective wrote

Are we talking about the lifters or the people trying to bust them?


DamnScalper wrote

Prob both.

The wage slave trying to protect his masters goods, and the guy stuffing 3 x ham subs down his pants! The lifter should lift something small, and expensive. Sell that on fleabay, and use said proceeds to buy normal everyday shit.

Some things aren't worth lifting.


zx1300 wrote

"The wage slave trying to protect his masters goods" Fuck those motherfuckers