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I_buy_shit wrote


  1. Go late at night; it will depend on your area but I go after 11pm because the areas I choose do not have night LP and 11pm is usually the last known shift hour.
  2. Choose a keyboard that is spider wrapped with the small units.

This is small:

This is big:

  1. Take the unit to the bathroom at the front of the store. Remove the spider wrap and flush it. Trust me, the small one will always flush down. I flush a few toilet seat covers or toilet paper afterwards just to make sure. BTW, this also works at BB.
  2. Immediately and very confidently, but without running, walk out of the store.

No one is going to stop you.


lilyachty wrote

yo do we conceal on person before entering the bathroom


I_buy_shit wrote

Nope. Just walk in confidently. You would be amazed how many people do not pay attention to you when you do not pay attention to them. The old say is true: If you walk in like you own the place no one will question you.


BleachKidd wrote

Won't I look hella suspect walking into the bathroom with a keyboard?


I_buy_shit wrote

Don't worry about how you look. You want to make sure you are not going to get stopped. Depending on your weather you can always shove the keyboard into the back of your pants and cover with a jacket.

Just saying... Normally this is not my style. This is a damn bulky item to be lifting that is only worth I am guessing $120 max. There are much easier things to lift, that cost a hell of a lot more, easier to flip, and you can conceal easier.