Sometimes it is worth taking a day off to just go 'sight seeing'

Submitted by I_buy_shit in Shoplifting

I decided to take two days off work and just drive around and do some recon.

As Ice Cube would say; "it was a good day".

Strolled through big blue to try and record their self checkout to see if they are using Stoplift. Their screens were basic windowed text boxes of each self checkout station. I was pretty bummed about not being to see more functionality. And I also lost my contact who was a store manager.

Nothing like free time so I strolled through electronics. I was hoping to find an Apple TV but no luck. Most all of the stores I went through had products I didn't give two shits about. Then... then this fucking unicorn dropped in my lap. https://coinsh.red/p/rarefind.JPG

Yeah... six 1TB SSDs and eight 500GB ones.

I am off to work on two new posts. These will be long but I hope will have some good wisdom.

Stay safe.


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cakeater7 wrote

LOL. U and I have similar good days. Instead of finding those unicorns on my day off I did find 3 Apple TV 4ks just sitting there in their little plastic security case. Also what I like to do after I open the cases is I put in a cheap flash drive instead of leaving them empty somewhere so they don't review how it was left that way. But I rather leave those empty cases into an employee carts so it looked more natural if there's one around.


I_buy_shit wrote

That is the exact same thing I do. USB thumb drive or SD card goes into the Alpha case.


Zelixey wrote

The WD SSDs resell for decent amount? I always stayed away from them cuz WD tends to be cheap.


Noambition wrote

I try this and it’s so hard. I always feel like I’m wasting an opportunity. I know it’s necessary and an important step but it’s getting hard for me to not take advantage of my time in any store. Maybe I need to take some time off.


I_buy_shit wrote

I don't think you need to take time off. I do think you need to change your strategy or mindset. If you use every opportunity to lift you are changing the dynamic of risk. Every lift is a risk of getting caught. I like to keep my number of lifts to a minimum and keep my risk to reward very high.

For example, if I need to buy food I am not going to attempt a walk-out with a basket, half-basket, or with any quantity of items. I would much rather go lift one small and expensive item, flip it, and then go buy all the food I need. This of course does not factor into immediate need, if you have a vehicle, or any number of other personal choices that may be unique to your circumstances.


pizzafordinneragain wrote

Nice! What's the procedure for going about taking these? Obv. S3 key but do you unlock in a blindspot, unload and then walkout or unlock them there and then conceal and leave?


I_buy_shit wrote

I go at night when most employees are doing stock. I take a large flat item with me usually my Ipad or I grab a magazine. Pickup the case and take it to the restroom with the magazine laying flat. I remove the items from the package and close the alpha case back up.


pizzafordinneragain wrote

Ahh gotcha. How many can you move in one go to the restroom? And I'm assuming you leaving the Alpha case in the bathroom. Find any other products in Alpha cases that aren't too large and don't have tags?


czzr wrote

huh? u take the whole case into the bathroom? is that not sus? where do u put it once u take the product out?


I_buy_shit wrote

Yes, there is not a way to take part of the case. :)

It might be sus, but you are not on camera and in the states I lift they have to have all five steps to make a stop. The bathroom guarantees they do not have me on camera, I do not have to deal with a fucking blind spot(worse if I might be wrong about a blind spot), I can remove at my leisure, and if for some reason this were to go south and a rogue employee decides to go off script and stop me in the bathroom I would just hand them the case and immediately leave.