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Hey bitches, today I stole a Neutrogena led acne face mask.($35) And a Neutrogena led acne spot remover($20). Should I be worried about the cameras catching me? Only saying this cause it's my first time lifting at t@rg3t Everyone was lazy and seemed to not care. I removed the items from the boxes and planted them on very low shelfs behind seemingly unwanted items. Should I be scared? What was the last thing you lifted? And does anyone know what happend to the Updated Shoplifting List? I can't seem to find it.


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sudo wrote (edited )

The new Master List is here.

Also, if they didn't say anything to you on your way out, there's a 99% chance that you got away with it. Very, very rarely is camera footage pulled after-the-fact to catch someone, and that's only done when they stole something really expensive. You're fine, just don't go back to that location for at least a month.


FKit wrote

For the millionth time, target case builds.


boringskip wrote

we need a witness protection program for anarchists


Opossum wrote

  1. probably going to be fine

  2. if they find the empty packaging and can easily see either a) the place it was dumped, or b) the place it was selected on camera, then they will do a quick review.


Brockhampton9830 wrote

Hey sis, If you are planning to return today-april, you should. Otherwise, change your appearance the next time you hit Target. Have you checked the sidebar on Desktop? Should be linked somewhere.


Goblisstick wrote

You’re probably fine this time. I’ve lifted a lot of small things over the years from there but I don’t any longer after reading this forum, better safe than sorry!!


Goblisstick wrote

Those are expensive face masks, Sister! Have you tried them before or did they appeal to you because of the high price?