Hypothetical scenario

Submitted by dewbaca in Shoplifting

This is just a hypothetical scenario I was thinking about while showering (the best place for thinking). If you’re lifting with another person, you could go in separately, you grab the target item (to conceal or not to conceal?) while your friend shops around like a normal customer. Next, you go to the bathroom and remove the packaging (if necessary), text your friend that you have the item, where you’ve left it in the bathroom, etc etc. You leave, your friend goes into the bathroom shortly after you, conceals, then leaves. The only person the LP would stop is you, and you don’t have the item on you.

One other thing I thought about, you could bring an “out of order” sign to put on the stall door when you leave, that way you don’t have to worry about some random person walking into the stall and seeing the merchandise you just stashed.


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sudo wrote

To add on to what /u/FreelsForMe said, it would be better to have your friend already in the bathroom and in another stall. Go into the stall next to them, and pass them the item under the stall partition. Pretend to finish using the bathroom, then leave. Meanwhile, your friend conceals the item, then leaves the bathroom a few minutes later and walks out with it.


dewbaca wrote

Didn’t even think of that! That’s a much better idea. Mine was a little too James Bondy hahaha


FreeIsForMe wrote

That would work if they aren't watching you already. At Walmart if they are watching they'll have someone go in and check the restrooms for items or packaging. I'd make sure your friend is very close to the bathroom to make that work.


SheStealsEverything wrote

From what I've heard with Walmart in particular is once they lose you to the bathroom they won't stop you FOR THIS REASON


shoplifter wrote

sounds like a fucking great idea. will definitely be trying this out some time soon.


casino998 wrote

Would you buy something before making your way to the bathroom?


dewbaca wrote

Good question, I guess that would depend on where the bathroom is at also. Obviously, if the bathroom is at the back of the store, like at Kroger, then no.