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DerpRun wrote

Have multiples and other items. Scan other items to fill bag a bit. Scan one of your two (example) alcohols and wedge under other shit as cashier is walking away from inputting your id info. Start a new bag. Hope LP isn't watching when you call over cashier again and ask her to remove the alcohol and point at the one you havent scanned yet. Your welcome love :)


DerpRun wrote (edited )

It would have to be the same exact bottle/item. You could also put another Barcode sticker* on it but it would still need to be an alcohol one(cause of LP on cameras seeing alcohol and so it needs to be typed in but happens to be just a bit cheaper) but not worth the cashier noticing the Jack Daniels bottle does't match the 24OZ Budlight that was scanned.


celebratedrecluse wrote

I see, those seem like options that could work. Unfortunately, as per usual in our society, it is easier to steal things when you already have some money lol