Taking shit out of the box

Submitted by Aye_up in Shoplifting

Anyone got any advice on this Its definently a good way to get past tags on things such as earphones charging cables ect Also what about people watching cameras? Just got back into shoplifting after a big break, i used to be able to lift stuff like earphones with tags on with ease but just get to paranoid now.


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LiftyBoi wrote

Carry a pocketknife or something, find a blind spot and remove quickly


Fckcapitalism wrote

Just cut through any thick tags to eliminate rfids. I hate leaving packaging behind because it's sus. I don't wanna draw any attention to the fact there has been lifting happening.


Witchman05 wrote

If there's shit in a box when you walk into the shops, that's probably something that upper management there should look into, that's just weird.