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sudo wrote

Take off your license plate, and print off a (fake) temporary license plate. Tape that in your rear window, then go lifting. When you get home, take off the fake one and put your real one back on.


pngn3 wrote

Actually I have come across something on Amazon/Ebay that might work. I found it like a year ago, because I'm pretty interested in cars. Basically just look up retractable license plate. You can slide it underneath the bumpers of the car


bwqrdsaf wrote

Those costs $$$. Just print out a fake "temporary" plate with really thin handwriting for numbers, stick it in the back window (bonus, tinted glass makes this even harder), remove the real plate, and then enjoy the trip.

As long as you don't attract police, no one will know the paper plate is fake.


ezoz wrote

safest way to do it is to just rub some mud on the plate, not too much work and if you get pulled over its easy to make an excuse.


Newt wrote

Drive your car on muddy roads until the mug splashes all over the back end and your rear license plate.

But be sure to clean your tail lights, so that you don't get stopped by a cop.