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Liftingaddict wrote (edited )

Unfortunately, the politicizing of the shoplifting forum has ostracized many of the users who actually had insightful and intelligent tips. Now we’re left with posts such as “I’m going to lift a gas station.”

The forum may be growing in numbers, but quality over quantity is better.


amongstclouds wrote

What politicizing?


Boostinyall wrote

You know exactly what the fuck they are talking about. Your comments melting all into your feelings/insecurities are probably the reason this post was created you fucking drama queen. This place is about boosting nothing else. If it don't relate to boosting take it somewhere else.


nighttimeartwork wrote (edited )

Yes, that post was a bit "over the top," but the important issue is that the poster wants to be a thief and basically wants (needs!) some advice. There are a lot of young people on this forum and we should be encouraging them, not making fun of them......