Stealing from Thrift Stores

Submitted by JuicyCoochie in Shoplifting

I've been stealimg from a local thrift store chain (Fam1l¥ Thr1fT CentEr) for a few months now. I know it's a stupid place to steal from but they usually have designer clothing and give them ridiculous prices. And also the workers give me attitude so suck my cock. Last Saturday I stole A pair of YSL and Burberry dress up pants. Stuart Weitzman boots. The weekend before a Christopher Ross belt and a chrsitian dior shirt. Multiple tommy and calvin klein jeans as well. What are your thoughts on stealing from thrift stores? Has anyone ever done it or just me?


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WhiteCollarCriminal wrote (edited )

Please steal from Salvation Army. They openly refuse to help gay people, extremely discriminate against them, and often straight up berate them and say things like you’re going to hell if you don’t convert and repent your sins


Skills wrote

Goodw!ll is my fav they are assholes and literally sell stuff for more than brand new retail and when you ask why they say “well it supports our cause”

Ooooook. Greedies.


Bandeet wrote

Your like a modern day Robin hood. Except you steal from the poor and give to yourself


JuicyCoochie wrote

Thrift stores are for the people who are financially unstable. Such as myself. You don't know my background and where I come from so sit the fuck back. I'd rather be poor and look fine as hell on a budget, PERIOD NO TAMPON!!!


Karljd wrote

I steal from Valu3 v1llag3 all the time. They take donations and than sell them for a ridiculous price than donate only like 5 percent to charity so fuck them


Swipperthefox wrote

I do it fairly frequently. They get that crap for free and then want to put $15 on a shirt. Nope. Free for me thanks.

They also pay their CEO a ridiculous salary and donate only 10% of the proceeds from their free crap to charity. Screw that.


Newt wrote

Steal from Goodwill. They exploit the disabled terribly. and, as the other poster mentioned, they often charge more than the item is worth. I've seen them charged $2 or more for the exact items you can get at Dollar Tree for a buck


CBDCandy wrote

It depends. Last night I actually bought something for the first time. L train thrift was selling LL Bean jacket and a goose down Eddie Bauer jacket for $13 each!! But most of the thrift shops in Brooklyn are overpriced bougie hipster hellholes that deserve to be robbed.


Lostdownunder wrote

I heard w@lmart is a parent company of vallue village. Getting stuff completely free for resale then 5% donations to charity. Garbage


Shadymystery1 wrote

I don't lift but when I buy books from my local thrift store I switch the tags cuz usually the ones I want are overpriced for the year published


NoirAmnesiac wrote

If their prices are RIDICULOUS, which they usually are and they’re dicks to you... then fuck em. I think a lot of the reason I do it in the first place is because of their attitudes and that they think they’re like a fucking apple store.


SheStealsEverything wrote

I've heard people say not to steal from thrift. THEY ARE SOME OF THE MOST CORRUPT BUSINESSES OUT THERE. they pay handicapped persons next to nothing and the ceos make out like bandits.