When they count the clothes - How To and Checking for TWO WAY MIRRORS !

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The way I lift clothes where a clerk counts the items and give you a number is simple and effective. I always take a shopping bag from the store and pick as many clothes, or near the limit allowed in one trip at the fitting room.

I look for a pair of pants that have very narrow ends where the legs come out and put one or two smaller and very light shirt inside of this baggy pants. All is done inside the bag so I dont even have to be at a very blind spot. I even go to a mirror and pretend to be checking the items on me before going to the fitting room, but I'm actually moving the shirts inside of the pants. With these two small and unnoticeable item inside of the pants, I fold the pants in my arm, place another 2 items above the pants letting in sit on my arm and approach the fitting room. I always make a little acting saying something like "oh my, did I get too many stuff, whats the limit"? Or sometime I drop some hangers with clothes on the floor to create some distraction and apologize saying "I'm so sorry, I made such a mess inside the bag, its all mixed together (this way I also prepare the clerk in case they find the hidden item inside of the pants).

So the clerk counts the items, and I usually show the ones I have in my arm one by one so they can count while I am handling it myself (sometime they pick it up from me and thats why its important to choose a big pair of pants that wont allow for the hidden items to fall from the leg holes, they gotta keep inside it).

They dont care about what items you are bringing in and wont remember which ones you gave back, they just care about the quantity. So after cleared, I go to the fitting room with 2 extra hidden items (I never get more than 2 at once when they count because supposedly they went inside the pants by accident!) so now I can remove the tags from the 2 items I am really interested in, WEAR them under my clothes, hide the tags in another item, inside a pocket that has a zipper, or if the tag is too big, I hide somewhere in the fitting room where it will take sometime to find. If the tag is re-attachable, I just re-tag it to another item. I leave the stall and hand back to the clerk the same amount of clothes as the number they gave me, and that's it! NEVER BEEN CAUGHT doing this.

I dont see people talking about this here, but I always check if the mirror is real of a two-way mirror, meaning someone or a camera could be watching behind it. Its illegal in most places to monitor fitting room, but ALWAYS PLAY SAFER THEN NECESSARY Check the link to see the tutorial on how to identify "fake" mirrors. If they are watching you illegally they probably wont bust you immediately, but they won't forget your face.

I dont carry tools designed only to hack tags as they will get you in deeper trouble if caught. I carry a swiss pocket knife, and I can remove most tags by force with it, I also prefer stores with those simples tags you can just rip off. I also roll some strong tape around my pocket knife (like those black ones used for electricity) so I can use it to stick tags behind the mirror or under the seats of the stalls. Never leave tags behind where they will be found immediately.

How to check for two-way mirrors: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Csgko3yWIAEJXtP.jpg

Have a nice lifting!


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Lostdownunder wrote

Great method. I would usually distract and overwhelm staff as well when entering the fitting room. Holding accessories like socks, mitts, whatever. Then get clumsy while staff is counting the clothes. I like to be stupidly cheery and annoying that they usually send me right in. I will definitely try your pants method. Thanks!


he4vyL1ft3r wrote

I also do those, very helpful tips! The more distraction the better, and if they find something inside the pants: OOOPS sowwyyy I'm so clumsyy



uk_lifter24 wrote

this is a really good way thanks i hate when they count them


db_cooper wrote

You should try just putting tags back into the pockets of items you discard, just like you do when going into the fitting rooms for the item count.


he4vyL1ft3r wrote

I only do that tactics when the tags are completely flat and thin, like those easy to rip off. The thing about other plastic tags is that if they are big, they might get noticed when I handle back the clothes to the staff, or even if its only noticed later, if the employee are motivated they will report and lp might rewind camera and see that I picked more items in the store than I entered the fitting room with.

I always prefer to hide it inside the fitting room somewhere I'm sure it won't be checked for days, or weeks, or even months. Sometimes tags can be fixed behind the mirror and will only be noticed when the store decides to change the mirror, etc.


db_cooper wrote

A lot of people just keep the hard tags in their pocket, leave the fitting rooms, and then with a little slight of hand they'll either drop em into some random pockets, or simply attach them back on other items, you can choose to double-tag clothes they already tag normally which is a common mistake made on the floor so it doesn't look too odd, or you can randomly tag stuff that they don't normally tag. Both methods work about the same, it's just your personal preference. This convenience is one of the big reasons people bother to carry detachers. That is a fair answer though, sounds like you have a good system for clothes which you have definitely planned out effectively enough. I like the behind the mirror idea for sure. Maybe try using Gorilla Mounting Tape? That might help with the larger tags especially. It would hold them more securely, require less tape, and be faster/easier to get enough tape firmly onto the tag imo. Small inconvenience of having to remove the protective film from the top side of the tape, but I find it to be really easy with that particular double-sided tape.

TBH if you are really hitting clothes that hard, you honestly should consider carrying a proper magnet, or at least a hook for sensormatics. I think you are worrying too much about "motivated" employees, nobody is going to wind back a tape over a loose hard tag being found in a pocket. That simply isn't going to happen. Plus you aren't on camera concealing, and they didn't physically stop and search you to confirm the merch was on you. In many states, they would be hard pressed to build much of a case from just the footage of you selecting merch and the alleged concealment/miscounting at the fitting room. What if they counted 5 items, this stores limit, but you simply had 6. None of that is any real evidence of crime. If the LP is watching you that hard, they definitely have a better chance than you seem to think of finding the hard tags in the fitting room. They won't find a tiny AM soft tag behind the mirror, but a couple hard tags taped under the seat? Depending on what exactly that seat looks like and how it is mounted, it might be trivial to find those. This also is going to depend where you go. If it's Saks 5th Ave or Neiman-Marcus, that is the kind of place you want to consider detagging like a pro, because the security is very likely to be good. All of this of course depends so heavily on your location and the stores you are targeting, and there is always random factors beyond our control, no matter how much planning and tradecraft you have.