The Cheese Thread

Submitted by tookleptotofunction in Shoplifting

Admit it. You steal cheese. Pretty much every shoplifter does. And since it’s free, only the best. Tell us about all the different kinds of cheese you have stolen, where you get it from, which ones are the best, etc.

Yay for cheese. Free cheese.



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FreeCheese wrote

This is my kinda thread!

I love getting cheese I've never tried before. I just lifted a nice aged black rind smoked cheddar that I'm saving for my super bowl cheese tray. But omg I can't wait to eat it!


Insidejob wrote

In honor of this thread I went and snagged some gouda and havarti. Wasnt much but I'm enjoying my treat


WhiteCollarCriminal wrote

Brie 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 it’s so good and creamy and goes so well with raspberry jam


Subversive_Element wrote

The Mexican brands of mozzarella are awesome. Not worth a fortune or anything, but enough to be outside my usual food budget.

Feta cheese is also good, something i’d lift but never buy..


Sarah55 wrote

Gouda,Cheddar,Cream cheese,Feta and Mozarella 🧀


Five_fingers_mcgee wrote

Buratta!! It’s so damn creamy and delicious on toasted baguette with salt olive oil, balsamic, black pepper and basil.... god damn my mouth is watering thinking about it! I can’t stand smelly strong cheese it reminds me of sweaty feet!! 🤢


lift2lift wrote

Lol 😂 yes I do steal cheese. Colby and cheddar, the ones that are sliced already so I can make lunchables ha ha.


Jellybean1 wrote

Prima Donna, that’s my favorite fancy cheese. I went to A fancy grocery store and I got actually $120.00 in cheese for free.


buzz wrote

this thread is cute af


NotReallyMeTho wrote

I didn’t even read the thread until now but the subject/title (which I saw this morning) inspired me to grab some free99 cheese myself. I dig it.


[deleted] wrote


tookleptotofunction OP wrote

Do you remember the name of the tiny cheese? $60 for a small wedge better be some fancy shit.


Whoknew wrote

Truffle Gouda from Whole Foods- yum!


tac19 wrote

Camembert, brie, gouda, havarti, oka, parmasean, gruyere. I just grab whatever looks good at the time. I get it from wherever I'm doing my groceries at the time.


Mango wrote

Only vegan cheese. Though I do swipe expensive mozzarella donating to food bank.


PatchU wrote

Lol! I love cheese. It's expensive. I like to rotate and try different brands and types. Halloumi is my favourite.



Gruyere Swiss Cheddar Some kinda cheese rolled up with salami Parmesan

Only the best cheese because I ain’t paying for it


Newt wrote

I've only taken boring American cheese. But that shit's pretty expensive, when you consider it's more or less fake cheese.


Cheapafsoccermom wrote

Lmao yep. I always pair it with good cold cuts as well. Latest was a sharp cheddar with roasted garlic. Fucking amazing.